Monday, May 31, 2010

Ferris Wheel Looks Like FUN!

Ferris Wheel of fun..

I'm much too fond of the colour boost feature.


Ferris wheeeeel YEEE HAW!

First I shoot or capture the photo or moment. Next, I edit it if needed in gimp or in flickr. Sometimes, I don't edit the photos at all. These I decided to edit & fool around with, so that I could really bring out the bright colours of the seats & lights. Then I do a test print. Either with a printing service or now with my very own printer. It's to make sure it will print the way it looks online, in my mind so that my shop customer's will get the best quality they deserve.

It is always great fun to do this, to play around with my new photos. I don't ever tire of it or of finding the next cool shot. It's an addiction, I think. So much fun. My kids & hubby were sitting in the car waiting for me to finish this "shoot". Sometimes that's just how it happens. We had gone to the store, and noticed a carnival nearby and my mind just started whirling with ideas. I looked over at hubby & he knew what I was thinking. "Ok, Heather. I'll find a place to park the car." He said. Like, he usually does. Sometimes he shoots with me, and we drag the kids along too. Now they are getting old enough, that they can also begin fooling around with the camera. Yes, I will be showing them how to & how to edit & have fun. I expect flickr will be great fun for them & then the printing out of their new photos & making books to show off to family & friends.

Looking forward to many, many years of this fun!

XOXO Heather :)
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