Monday, June 28, 2010

Old meets new..

Old tech meets New tech.

This week was one for the history books. No, not like that. I saved a few items from obscurity, from sitting in a closet or sitting in a shop just waiting to be re-loved. I purchased a 35 MM Camera, the donation (see here) price is going to charity. Then, over the weekend, I found a Vintage Elvis record, as in a LP. You know, a vinyl record. I do have a record player, and plan on showing the kiddos how it works. I had one in middle school & loved fooling around with it, till I met the Beastie Boys on a mix tape, of course. I'm all about history & learning from the past, and keeping it alive somehow. My Grandfather's both of them were in the Wars/Great Depression and told me a lot about the subjects and it left a great impact on me, that I find has helped shape the person I am. One with a very deep soul, and I want that for my kids as well, so they can learn and use the skills and history in their lives & make a difference.

Used wool jacket..

I also found a lovely used dark turquoise wool coat. Considering using this to make some mp3 player socks, and sweaters. Also a sewing kit, which will possibly become a X-Mas/Solstice/Hannukah/Kwanzaa present for family members.

Found a pair of leather clogs too, used of course. I don't believe in buying leather new and having any more animals hurt because of it. I do however, believe that if something is already made & used, then this is OK to wear or buy. I'm all about recycling in as many ways as possible. Now the shoes are cool as is. I was planning on painting them tho, course every time I find a pair I end up liking them too much. Perhaps my old Danskos will become painted instead. I wanna have really LOUD arty footwear, that is also comfortable. Hence, the used shoe angle.

I also found an old Hamilton beach mixing bowl, stainless steel. In excellent condition, I know this isn't that exciting. Cepting I have two, count em, two Hamilton Beach mixers. One was my Gram's and one was my Mom's. Mom's is stainless, and Gram's was white. Gram's was different in that it came with white bowls vs the stainless. Makes me wonder what colour bowls the robin's egg blue mixers came with. The mixers both still work just fine. Altho kinda slow in comparison to some newer mixers out there today, but they get the job done just fine. Usually I use a egg beater or something when mixing batter, but once in a while for a special occasion, or if I'm doing two different batters at once I break one or the other mixer out. Yes, it's because of posterity that I keep these mixers & memories and for one of my son's when they begin cooking on their own. I also keep them, since they still work. Amazing craftmanship, they just don't make things like this anymore, or at least, not without a big pricetag & made in China attached.

I also have a used treadmill. I had set aside the moula to buy a brand new one, when craigslist insanity struck! I decided to find one used, or almost new. I lucked out stellar! A lady had one and had partially put it together, lost a couple pieces and gave up. So brand new, never used, just waiting for me to come along with my reused ingenuity and buy the parts needed for it & put it together. DONE! I love it, it's awesome and has been keeping me happy for a long time now.

Rescued Bodum

Lastly, I saved a Bodum Coffee Press from a secondhand store. It's not vintage, or different, they are pretty popular out there. Since my off brand one was dropped after 10 years of love, I needed a new one, but decided I'd try to find a used one. Or at least give it a good College try to locating one. Basically, I'm walking the walk and talking the talk. Not only do I talk recycle, I actually do the recycle thing to, in more ways than just sending items to the recycle bin.

XOXO --Heather :)
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