Monday, June 7, 2010

After The Drownpour..

Hovering over the treeline..

After the storm had ended yesterday afternoon, we took a ride around Worcester county to see the skies, and let the not feeling so well kiddos nap in the car. All kinds of low, big, white, puffy clouds.. and then the other side of the are was all dark and gloomy. I was desperate for light & blue.. so I focused on that the most. Gets tiring seeing the gloomy after you've spent all weekend underneath it & the pelting rain falling on the roof, when you wanted to be outside gardening. Blah! Oh well.. got to use our cool camping stove.

Wild Clouds..

Found out from the area authorities, our town is a tiny village of podunk, and to always expect it to be at least 4-6 hours when the power goes off. IF we are lucky that is. Went off around 5:22 PM came back on around 11:50 PM.. wow, they were right on the money. Bet they've done this before?! ;)

Wild skies from the car..

In larger towns, cities they can usually route the *troubled area* down to one road & switch *most* of the folks to that power line & turn them on, sometimes within 30 minutes. I recall living in one of these towns & our power got knocked out it auto switched within minutes. Literally. So living here has been a eye-opening change.

Skies on fire

Don't for one minute feel bad for me. Sometimes it takes me a second or two, but I always remember. The view we have is well worth the price we pay for living in the sticks.

XOXO --Heather :)

See more Sunsets in my Flickr stream so you can really sob for me.
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