Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Branching out..

In my Etsy shop, I've decided to do some branching out, into artsy, fartsy, people photography.

Me in the SAAB mirror

In celebration of that, I've decided to list one of my self portraits. It's a very personal image, one that has a lot of meaning behind it. Love behind it. Fun behind it. I'm in love with a car, and I have been for a long long time. I don't see anything ruining that relationship, ever. So I thought good long and hard and found my absolut' fav image of me, with my auto. This is that image. I shot it in my 1988 900 Turbo. This vehicle has been mine for a number of years, purchased for a song.

The vehicle has something in the neighborhood of 230K miles on it, and is now in the garage bay getting an overhaul. It's a work of love.

Now, since I'm opening up my photography into people, I need some models. I need some practice with real people, doing real things. If you are in the Worcester, Mass area, and are interested in modeling & getting some free photos taken for a portfolio, or for fun, you only have to ask. hskoconnor@gmail.com

XOXO Thanks for looking, Heather :)
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