Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're selling to help the Animals affected by the BP Oil Disaster

Thank you to Cari of
Loveluca for lending me this lovely photo.

Ever since the BP oil spill happened, I've been spinning my wheels. Wondering what to do to help, I have two kids and it's a full time job, so heading down there to actively participate in the cleanup process isn't going to happen, at least right now. I might get my chance of course, doesn't look like cleanup is going to happen overnight.

When Lisa of Pandawithcookie told the Etsyveg street team her plans. I jumped right up onto the bandwagon and helped myself to the reins. ;)

She posted her donation idea: "***20% of all sales go to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary who are preparing to clean and care for animals affected by the horrible oil disaster happening in the Gulf Coast: seabirdsanctuary. ****"

I decided I'd do the same thing & asked around on the other street teams I'm on & the one I help facilitate, if others would like to help too. The response was immediate! People out there are concerned and looking to do something, anything to help out.

Heather from the Thebluewindmill is donating 30% of this item to

Jesse from GingerCardCo is donating 10% from her shop.

My shop is donating 20% of all sales till July 8th to Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Krugsecologic is donating 30% of sales till July 8th also to Suncoast.

Heather's shop Anthropomorphisis is doing 10% donation from her gemstone jewelery.

Pippi's shop is donating ALL proceeds to Sea Shepherd. She has also opened up an a Online Thrift Store that is donating proceeds as well to Sea Shepherd.

is also helping out. By donating 20% of our sales to the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund.

Athena said:
I will donate 30% of the sale of this frame to the relief effort.

Jade said: I'll happily donate 20% of sales from my shop, Mumbot.

Kimba of KimbasCritters said:

I would love to help out here! I will gladly donate 20% of any items sold till July 8th to the Sanctuary.

15% of all sales from SmileBernice through July 11th will go to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Maggie from M's Knits and Things is also joining us till the 8th with 20% of her sales.

Yvonne from Karramandi, Collarmegorgeous, kakirra, and Juniperjournals has also stepped up to donate 20% from any of her shops to the Seacoast Sanctuary.

Lucy of luniquejewellery is also donating 20% of her sales, check her etsy shop for more information.

This shop here has also joined us. From June 3 through June 20, 20% of every sale in my Etsy shop will go to the National Audubon Society to aid in the Gulf oil spill cleanup.

This shop here also joined us, she is donating 10% of her sales to support the Gulf oil spill disaster cause with Defenders of Wildlife.

I will edit this page as time goes on & others join forces. Please check individual shop announcements for end dates on this sale. This shop on Etsy has been dedicated to selling items to help the Gulf Coast also.

We have a new friend selling to help this cause. Their shop is here. They are being very generous! 60% of sales go to this effort. See their shop announcement, below:

♦ ♦ HELP RESCUE THE GULF ANIMALS WITH DOLCEBELLA! ♦ ♦ 60% of profit goes toward either the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, Save the Manatees Club or the Sea Turtle Restoration Project! (If you would like to donate to a specific cause please indicate so in a message after your purchase♥)

Thanks for checking this out & helping! Heather :)

Some of the teams involved are: The Vegan Etsy Team. Check their blog here. The EFA team their blog is here and also the Etsyveg street team here.
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