Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time for this 'Well Kept Secret" to be told..

I met Miss Late July via the Vegan Etsy team, and Team EFA, probably well over a year or two ago. My first "meeting" was via an email to the yahoo group we're both subscribed too. I liked her right off. She likes animals just like I do & volunteers in rescue & networking for an animal shelter she helps out. Excellent, I thought. Just great, these are the sorts of folks I wanna surround myself with, and have them bumping into me often to spur me on to doing more giving back. At some point Facebook & My Space links were passed around & folks added or followed each other, if they so chose to.

Once I found out she was a singer, songwriter.. I just had to check her out! If she is good at dog rescue, and photography, then by default her singing must be amazing I mused.

WOW! I hit the nail on the head. I was correct! She's wonderful, amazing, soft, light, fun, catchy, cute, funny, honest and refreshing. All that and more. I was so happy I clicked and found her. I probably played the songs on My space at least 40 times. I know I overplayed this video when it was posted. Then I began to wait, for when her demo was released. I finally got my wish and I ordered a copy!

I was not disappointed at all. Best musical purchase of the year by far! Literary Kings her first video was one of the first songs I heard, and I love it and it's one of those songs that will stay with me forever, and long be a fav! The above song is a fav as well, and it does my heart good to see her doing a slow song too, as it shows the artists' range. I think that is all too important to show your range. That's why even tho I'm more fond of bright, loud colours with my photography, I keep pushing myself to do more black and whites.

All in all, my fav song of hers isn't online, in video form, as of yet.

But if an artist keeps us wanting more.. that's a very very good thing!

You can find Miss Late July here: Late July Her album is available for download for free on her website.

XOXO Heather :)
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