Monday, July 12, 2010

Foiled again! By my nemesis, Urban Blight..

Can you see the Urban Blight?

Right dead center over the top of a pine tree. There lurks a cell phone tower. DOH! I hate them. The placement of them, the look of them. The ones hidden in churches etc are much better than these faux bois tree ones tho. It's been scientifically hypothesized that BEES hate cell towers too. Be nice if there didn't need to be so many, however it's a needed evil. Or is it? I lived without one for about (guessing here) 6-9 mos. It was pleasant. Less calls, less interruptions, that's for sure. People called me, I was out, I came home to a message. If my car died en route.. I'd have had to wait for someone driving by to be kind to ring someone, and that might take a while. That would be an inconvenient part. Helps that we work on my car & his often, so we know what's going on under the hood. Certainly helps one. Which isn't a bad thing altogether. Sure wish more folks knew more.. specially the part about NOT mashing the gas & never letting up. {not good for the engine or the longevity of the oil in the engine} But I'm digressing now. It was definitely nicer sans a cell phone.. in fact now I hardly remember to bring this one with me. Not sure why I ever had the cell phone bug, at all. I sure as heck didn't miss it. Which is a shame really, I had a awesome purple one for a time. I have purple purses & shoes and other things I like equally as well. So I doubt it was the colour that drove me to it. ;)

I'm not even sure what it is about cell phones I don't like the most. Is it the possible brain cancer tumors incurred by them from using them on the same side of the head all the time. Or is it the lack of wild bees pollinating the fleurs, that I dislike more? Actually it's neither. It's the lack of a solution forthcoming. I like the cell phone, as it's handy when you need it. It's also tiny & easily loseable for the times when you don't want it around. I really really wish there was a way to solve the problems that we have because of cells. *If that is the case, of course.
Cause science could be wrong...

Maybe I don't dislike cells.. all that much after all. Perhaps, it's something else.

--Heather :/
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