Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Castle on the sands..

Castle on the sands..

This is actually a Church, not a castle. It's located in West Boylston on the resevoir. It's called the Old Stone Church. It has it's own Wiki page here for more information on the location.

Picnic by the lake

It's a fun place for a picnic, and a walking excursion. Lots of people frequent the area in all types of weather. Usually, there is a hot dog truck nearby also, if folks need a snack or something. Not too far from other establishments either. The road leading up to it runs all along the area of the resevoir and folks who walk, hike and cycle just love this area, as it's quite gorgeous. I have a few other photos of this area, as I always find something beautiful to capture when we visit there.

From out of the dark

Which means basically, my shutter clicking fingers cannot stop working overtime, on all of our visits here. I've been going here since I was a wee bairn, with my parents & sister. It's a lot of fun & a place full of memories.

Old Stone Church (zoomed) in plaque

The plaque was hard to read, so I snapped a photo of it to bring it closer to view easier. Wiki has some more information on this, on the why the Church was put here. It's basically to commemorate the taking of the homes, lives, and the land for the resevoir. It was done to better folks' lives and make drinking water in the Boston area easier to get. AFAIK pretty much all of Boston, and the area surrounding it depends on this resevoir and the water from it.

US Flag

Oh and no, you cannot boat or swim or enjoy the water by doing anything in it, but looking at it.

Castle on the shore {cross process edit}

You can go inside, and see the dirt floor & also the reminders that seagulls don't just like the ocean. Well, actually all I saw was Pigeons. Having your wedding here is allowed, I'm fairly certain. I have seen many a photographer shooting photos here. I'd love love love to lend my hand to something like this in the future.


Sunspots ?

Thanks for looking, Heather :)
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