Sunday, August 1, 2010

EFA Charity of the Month!

25% of my shop sales for the Month of August is going to the EFA Charity of the Month. See our website here. This month I won the choice of charity. I chose Winslow Farm Sanctuary in Norton Massachusetts! See their site here!

Hello Goat!

I chose Winslow Farm Sanctuary, since I heard about them via the Facebook account of Turtle Mountain. MMM try their ice cream, it's delish! They were having a 4th of July event at the farm here in Massachusetts where I live. Wished I didn't have any 4th plans, as we would have gone to visit them then. The story on their website just sounded so nice, so wonderful. A great thing to do for some animals in need of our compassion & love. Seemed like a place that was right up my alley, one we should rally behind and give our support to. My goat photo shown above isn't from their farm. As soon as I get up there to visit, I will be happy to post a photo montage here for you all to see what it's like there at the sanctuary.

Thanks for checking it out!! XOXO Heather
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