Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Political Post aka QPP!

Or perhaps that stands for Quick Political Poem..

Just a thought I had had today, after thinking about the Tea Party Campaign, Sarah Palin and the unrest & unease they are causing our country.

"It was two if by sea, not one by the land.
We lived together, united, strong, we'd guided and held each hand.

Now we are divided and weak.
Sometimes I find that hard to think of, or to speak.

Back then, the enemy came from abroad
Someone posing as a friend, that was really a fraud.

(working on a refrain of peace & prosperity for so long.
The people got lazy, greedy and and and and..)

Folks have long wondered and thought.
What will bring them down, back down to their knees.

Will it be another from overseas?
Or will it be folks from much closer ashore.

Hard to tell, there's been so much lore,
So many changes, so many years, so much sin.

One thought I will leave you to mull & to stew,
An enemy is an enemy, even if it comes from within."

Copyrighted: Heather O'Connor/3 Am Art Productions/2010 & beyond.
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