Saturday, September 4, 2010



This is what I believe to be a Bullfrog. He came to my house the other evening, around Midnight, to eat some bugs, I suppose. We heard him thumping around & bumping into the house, while hunting. Hubby decided to go check it out, and find out the story, or if it was someone trying to get in. That's how much noise he was making. Very loud. He didn't seem to mind me shooting some pics, but he didn't exactly smile for me. So I guess the lights didn't feel all that great for him, either. So I kept it as brief as I could. Gosh he was just sooo big, you don't just see these kinds of frogs out & about much anymore. Last time I recall seeing a Bullfrog was as a kid, my dad picked one up & he had a photo taken with it. There were tons there, in NH, as I recall. Course, I'm in Massachusetts, maybe we don't have as many anymore for some reason. Cough, cough, (Big Business/toxins in the air, lakes, streams) cough, cough. Sorry, had to clear my throat. ;) I'm alright now. Anyways, not really sure why we don't see them that often, but here we see frogs all the time. So that's good news. I'd love to see more, though.

We all watched & looked at him for a little while. When we started to go in, we noticed another froggy. He was sitting on the house light. Doesn't seem all that remarkable, but the light was up high next to the front door. So he climbed up there & was sitting underneath the bright light, snapping up anything that came near him. I'd show you a snap of him, as well, however, it didn't come out all that good. Seeing that the house light was on & even off it reflected too much with the glass there. I do have policy of no bad pics by me on this blog, it's a personal pride, sorta thing. He was cute tho, I can see why Kermit the frog was hatched. He kept opening and closing his mouth, maybe the camera flash made him nervous, or he was digesting.. he he. He was real cute. I believe he was a grey tree frog, as I've seen the babies of that kind of frog lately, and I used to have one as a pet for a bit.
Noisy lil' bugger. Used to keep my husband up when he worked a job overnight. Peeping and barking, so adorable tho. Spose not so adorable when you need to sleep, so we will leave these ones alone, plus we need them to live long and prosper. The more frogs the better the environment, they say. So come on froggies, you're welcome here. We also kick all the snakes out of the yard on a regular basis. This is the Chihuahua's job. She is good at it.

Thanks for looking. Have you seen any animals near you, lately? If so pop down to the comments section, and tell me about them. Love hearing about them!

XOXO Heather :)
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