Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There's no school, like a homeschool!

School has just started for much of Nation, here in the USA. Here at my house, it has been going on all summer long, and all year long before that. Actually every moment we spend together, we use it wisely and try to use the good moments, for learning. Yes, there are some bad moments, some stress and yes, even the occasional, let's call it a heated argument, and leave it at that. Most of the time, we're peaceful & loving, and happy to be together, a hunky dory sorta family. We're a pretty simple family. A Mom, a Dad, two kids, two dogs, and a motley assortment of bugs, snakes & frogs, from time to time. Yes, my sons have my 'bring every stray home that they find genes'. They're learning, not all of them can stay. Especially, the snakes. I'm the St. Patrick for my yard, yes I am. Well, when the Chihuahua hasn't dispatched them first.

BugnRoo playing cars, play-do and boats..

Why am I homeschooling? So many people have asked me, time and time again. In a nutshell you could read this article and it sums it up. I will also say; I'm doing it because right now, it's right for my family. I've looked at the pros, the cons, and every little piece in between. I want the best education for my children. The best that I can give them. We cannot afford Montessori schooling, and I don't believe that Private Education is all that it's cracked up to be, it's only marginally better than Public School is. Seeing all the fundraiser's a Catholic Private School sent home, to a boy's family I nannied for years ago, gave me some part of that inkling.

Some more reasons include: I don't like getting up & rushing in the mornings. I don't like having to yell at my kids, to get them to move. I don't like the crying jags my older son had nearly every morning when he had to take the bus, to kindergarten. He began hating it right off. It wasn't fun for him. He hated it, hated the teacher. Tell me something, does that sound like a happy learning environment to you? Having a kid hate something, all on his own? Come home crying every day? Unhappy? I don't even know the teachers, their moods, type of person, belief systems of those who will mold the people I created & have been molding till sending them to Kindergarten. believe me I bought right into the if I live in a nice suburban town, My kids will get a better education spiel and I was wrong all counts. The school system doesn't allow for parents to be involved. In Kindergarten, a year of school that technically isn't legally required to take? They don't promote the parents & teachers & togetherness that we are ALL on this learning ship together? WHY? Why don't they want me seen as a viable place to learn from? WHO is running this school system anyways? What is their end goal with MY kids? WHO Do they think they are anyways??

Ok 1-10. Breathe in, breathe out. I'm OK. Your OK. We're all OK. But I wasn't OK, I wasn't happy. I was guilty. I was miserable. My son was miserable. My other son was miserable. It was rotten. It felt wrong. It just wasn't making us happy & my son wasn't learning. His art was getting more and more dull, and he had less and less drive to learn & wasn't enjoying himself, at all. Let alone actually learning or retaining anything.

Fast forward button: Click.

Now, we are happy. Now, we are having fun, learning new things & loving every single second of the day, for the most part. Sure sometimes it's hard. Isn't everything worth doing, difficult to some degree? Even making a cake takes time.

I'm no longer guilty, sad & depressed. Neither are my sons.

Gym Class

The amazing part is, I'm teaching them & they are retaining the information given to them. They are sucking it in, like a sponge & regurgitating it back out to me, and in their daily works. They are also enjoying it. My older son is reading books all on his own, and I taught him how to do it. My husband also helped, possibly more in this case, as listening to him stumble annoyed the heck out of me. He was more patient in this instance. Me, of all people.. is in charge of the math detail. GO FIGURE! One book later, and I'm a math geek! If only they had had this book when I was struggling & hating school, er math!

Thanks for stopping in. XOXO --Heather :)
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