Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm not thinking about you....

Table for two II

I'm not thinking about you.
I don't go on and on talking about you.
I'm not going to bother an call you.
I'm not going to waste that kind of time.

My life is perfect without you.
I have no need for the complications that you seek.
I have no need for the feelings of the meek.

I'm not thinking about you. I am better off without you..
I'm happier this way, alone is the way, the order of the day..
I'm not thinking about you.

I've got much better things to do.
Don't care if I sit all alone, at a table just for two.

--Heather :)

I wrote this song, poem.. whatever when I looked at this photo. Made me think that perhaps this isn't a romantic photo, but instead a breakup photo, or something. Like the person is sitting somewhere they used to sit with their beloved, and now sit alone, trying not to think about them.. and not succeeding very well. Just came to me while editing photos tonight. To the best of my knowledge the lyrics, words are mine, and mine alone.

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