Saturday, November 6, 2010


I HEART thee! This is a sleeping bag I am handsewing for my lappy. Not sure if my lappy is worth such a lovely bag, but I saw this sweater & it yelled at me. "I must become a laptop sleeping bag." So I listened. It really is quite nice, if I say so myself, and I must. I'm so damn proud of it & happy with the way it's coming out. Just wish I could be finally done. It does take a bit longer to handsew items.

Hot PINK Laptop Sleeping bag


I even have some more that I'm working on now. I will update this blog when they are all finished. Even with the extra time spent sewing it.. it def seems to be well worth the time. Oh I am soooo happy with this bag. I need a matching purse. Alas, this was the only sweater I found like this when I bought it. Durn it all.

Eh well, OAK is fine with me.

--Heather :)
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