Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My kiddo!

The Cutest Rory ever!

I really wanna work on taking more pics of kids! I get along well with them, and think I can bring some really good smiles to their faces being all goofy & silly. This is my son, just as his lovely hair was beginning to grow out & get longer. SO awesomely long now, he looks just like a surfer dude. Just as I dreamed he would look all those years ago, when I first dated his father. I had a strange dream when we went camping, in the "early years" of the Sean-Heather pairing. I had been thinking of marrying him, what would the future hold & all that mystical "the future is not ours to see" crap. Later on that evening, I had a dream that if I did marry Sean, I would have two little boys, one brunette & one blond. I now have both of them, it was a premonition, I spose. A little ESP? Maybe a warning? Hahah, anyways, couldn't be happier--my dream came true! Two little, adorable, fun loving boys! So much happiness, so much fun! Right now, I'm busy homeschooling them, which is my fav thing to be involved with now!

Hopefully one day I will do more photography of kids, they are the best subjects! So fun, free with their emotions!

--Heather :)
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