Sunday, December 5, 2010

Working on something new for the shop..

Some photographers, myself included often do some "test shots" of the subject, to see if they have the right light. These shown here are "test pins" of my photography decoupaged onto little round 1 inch & 1/4 wooden forms, to see how I like them as wearables. I pinned one to a jacket last night, to get a feel for the weight I want for the wood. It feels right & they look nice pinned to a jacket or a sweater. I'm hoping to use more recyclables in my art, so I would like to glue these to wood that we recycle. I've got tons of oak that I'd love to use. I also have some tree branches drying that could also be used. Just need to get some cut & sanded & begin cutting & gluing.

I happened to have these two photos lying about, so I tested them first. I love the Lion photo, it's one of my absolute favs!

Now I'm just awaiting these photos (below) in an order to do some more "test pins" with them. I for one, cannot wait for Darth Vader on a pin! Or how about the Bright Lights.. so festive, I think! I love bright colours! What do you like pastels? Sepia tones? Bright colours?

Photos for test pins..

--Heather :)
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