Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Cooking..

Weekend Cooking Part One:

This is a Bob's Redmill breadmix that I Doctored to my own liking. I added cinnamon & some raw sugar cane sugar to the mix & some to the top for a crust. I made three of these hearts. In the two small ones, I also put some chocolate chips into the center. The larger heart was sans any chocolate. Since one of us here has a chocolate allergy. I also used coconut milk instead of soy. This made the batter so fluffy and creamy. The dough when cooked still was very moist & soft too. Delectable breakfast for us this am.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Bread

It was really good. Chocolate + cinnamon + Coconut. Never can go wrong with that combination!

Weekend Cooking Part Two:

This is a borrowed recipe from PBS. I watched the PBS program The Victory Garden, on Saturday morning with my kids. We got to the TV in time to see the end of Word Girl, and ended up letting The Victory Garden play, before the kids started doing some drawing. I'm very happy we let the show play, instead of just shutting the TV off or putting in a movie.

Corn Tortillas & Tomato- Pepper Salsa

On the program they showed how to create a portable garden & landscaping to make you look up. Horizontal gardening lots of topiaries and climbing vines. The host created a steel rebar cage inside one of the ginourmous pots. I'm hoping to recreate this on a smaller scale here with hydrangeas & some climbing ivys this summer. Besides blogging & crafting, gardening is one my favourite things to do. I missed out on a lot of this, this past summer of 2009, since it was so rainy.

Anyway, back to the recipe, it is a corn tortilla & tomato salsa. I omitted onion & garlic for the kids, and made it up quickly. They don't have the recipe listed on their site as of yet. But my kids were both hankering for it after watching the program. Since the recipe was Vegan & some raw vegan items, I was more than happy to oblige them.

I took my gluten free flour mix, you can use whatever flour you like. Corn flour, I imagine would be also good for this. I measured a cup and a half of the flour mix into a bowl. Next I added some parsley to it and some garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and sea salt. I then mixed it up. Added a couple Tablespoons of oil & a 1/4 cup of coconut milk to the mix and mixed that up. Lastly I added in some frozen corn. I made it basically like a pancake batter. They did make it a bit drier in the program & they also flattened it with a pan & the batter inside a plastic bag turned into a "tortilla press." Handy & way less hardship to the environment.

I used a little oil in a hot pan & cooked the tortillas about the size of a measuring cup. After cooking I put them on a tin-foil lined pan in the oven to keep warm while the rest were cooking. The salad was even easier than this. Chopped up onion, tomato, garlic, green & red peppers.. and any other veggies you can add in. I was thinking next time I will add some fresh corn off the cob & peas. One son is a huge fan of Italian dressing so this is another option for him. Was a really quick meal and they loved it!

I know I enjoyed the dinner. It's something you wanna make fresh each time. Something that doesn't take too long either in order to do this. Quick, simple & fresh fare. My favourite!

Bon Appetit! XOXO Heather :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Don't Care If Monday's Blue..

Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love..........

Yellow is never mellow. By, Bprdesigns.

A Sunburst of colours. By, Harvestmoonbyhand.

Check these pretty earrings out By, Cherylspurplecow.

Get ready for spring with this green pincushion. By, Glorybe1024.

Lovely lovely soap By,SweetSallysSoaps.

And lastly a drop dead gorgeous journal By, Storybeader.

You can never get enough.
Enough of this stuff.
It's Friday I'm in Love.
Lyrics By The Cure, Friday I'm in Love.

Hope you enjoy! XOXO Heather :)

Five Fine Flowers For Friday

One fine flower pendant. By, Kakirra.

Two a bright coloured brooch. By, Sweetwolf.

Three an adorable hat to keep your baby warm. By, The Anecdotes.

Four a pretty flower necklace. By ArtbySusmitha.

Five a lovely flower cluster bracelet. By, Little Studio Jewels.

I hope you & enjoy. Don't forget to click & browse these lovely shops. So many fun things!

XOXO Heather :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treasury Thursday

On a treasury is a grouping of 12 items for sale. It's a showcase of sorts. Today on my blog. I've chosen 12 things I really like for sale there, please enjoy.

Number one: On sale now at Silentlotus is this lovely original piece of art, a brush painting.

Number two: This sweet bird necklace By, The Poopsie Daisy Shop.

Number three: Grrr I'm a Bear By Haute Cinq.

Number four: A lovely purple flower for your hair By Madeline Man.

Number five: A delicate crystal bracelet By, DaisyWares.

Number six: The itty bittiest hearts ever. Oh so cute! By xveganxwangx.

Number seven: The perfect bag for an overnight trek. By, arksendeavors.

Number eight: Is a adorable laptop skin. By, Lilypang.

Number nine: Dessert Dishes for two. By, Karin Lorenc.

Number ten: A sweet birdy necklace. By, Mvegan5.

Number eleven: A sweet heart notebook. By, Thisisit.

Number twelve: A teeny & adorable heart necklace. By, lulubugjewelry.

Now we have come to the end. Be sure to click on the links. They will take you right to the shops & you can browse some more!

Thanks for looking, Heather :)

Wordless Wednesday..


--Heather :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vegan Conversations..

Backstory: My son, Liam is also a Vegan. He's in Kindergarten. He goes to public school. His teacher tells us when there is a Birthday Party and non-Vegan cupcakes headed into the classroom. Pre-warned is fore-armed.. or something. ??

Kids Annual Autumn Photo 2009

Me: So Liam, there's a Birthday Party in your school tomorrow. One of the boys is bringing in cupcakes as a snack for everyone. But, he's not Vegan. So the cupcakes won't be Vegan.

Liam. OK. What can I have for a snack then?

Me: How about I make some pudding for you, since you just had cupcakes over the weekend?

Liam: Ohhh I love pudding. Yeah and can I have some sprinkles on it too?

Me: Sure, why not? Sounds like fun. So you won't be upset the other kids are having cupcakes and you aren't?

Liam: No, I have chocolate pudding with sprinkles! YUM! My FAV!

Me: Ok sounds good to me. You can help me make some cupcakes for us on Friday night for your dessert after Pizza night, ok?

Liam: YEAHHHHHH!! Awesome!! That will be fun! Jumps up & down & runs off to play with his brother.

The conversation went something like this. He seems fine for being "different" in a world er town of meat eaters. He doesn't mind, at all. He has seen meat. I show him it in the stores. I explain the animal is dead. We often go see live animals too. He likes them alive better. I explain that the "juices" in the plastic wrapping covering the meat is blood. That blood is the life force that flows in all of us. That taking the animal's life hurts the animal. Most often times the animals feel pain when being killed. Actually, I don't know of any meat processing plants that give the animals pain meds prior to the killing. I do tread lightly in this area.
I don't dicuss all the details about Veganism & why all the time. Just a few things they ask. A little here and there. Just tiny details and will embellish with more details, as time goes on & they get older. But, for right now my kids are Vegan. They are happy. They are extremely healthy, energetic smart kids. We have gotten O illnesses since going Vegan. (sniffles & then 2 days.. cold is gone.)

That is enough for me. For now. Cupcakes & being different are the least of my worries. XOXO Heather :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trapped Tuesday

Muddy II

I love my house. But, I do not like my basement. It's cold. It's damp. It's a really nice basement. I'm just being whiny. Anyway, did some laundry down there today. Look who I found. At first I thought it (hoped) it was a toy from my son's collection. But, no. Of course not. Should have known better, considering the frog load's of friends we made this past summer. It's real all right. It's alive. It's breathing. WHO knows what it's thinking. Poor thing. But, we now have a new pet in my home. Well, at least till spring.

Thanks a lot Jiminy Cricket. For your "let your conscience be your guide" mantra, I heard MANY MANY times as a small child. Seems as tho the mantra has stuck. We spent about $20 to get "Muddy" some special amphibian dirt/moss/mud substrate stuff. Also a lovely plastic container to keep him happily in & safe from my two nosy dogs, and my two nosy children. Not to mention the worms. Oh dear, please don't mention the worms. We bought a can of DOA worms. No dice. Looks like "muddy" being a wild animal is partial to the moving kind of dinner. UGHHHHHHH! "Hold me." :(

So to the big pet store we go for some wiggling creatures. {Shudder} This isn't just disgusting for me from a vegan point of view. This is gross on the level of gross pets NOT to ever have. Something I'd never planned on having. Oh and did I happen to mention that "Muddy" when spooked or scared can shoot a toxic substance from his yellow spots just behind his eyes? Yes. Yes, he can. Spring had better come soon.

Like now. Now would be good. Because after this affair, a Poisonous Frog or Tarantula will be nothing. "BRING IT ON!"

XOXO --Heather ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mute on Monday

Listen to the photo.....

Fireworks.. edited with some impotant words.

--Heather :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Polymer Creations For My Etsy Shop

I've been working on some new items for my shop. Now I just have to price them & list them in the shop. Look for them!

Handstamped Polymer Pendant

This is a handstamped pendant made of polymer with it's very own handwired loop for hanging. The loop is just plain unbrushed metal. Very strong & could go on a variety of necklaces.

Robot Love

This is a Robot Love pin. I'm not sure if it's finished or if I'm going to clearcoat it with sparkles & enamel first.

Polymer pin w/recycled polartec

This is a polymer pin with recycled polartec backing it.

Heart Polymer Pin

This is a heart pin made completely of polymer clay. I used the sculpey brand.

Recycled Polartec & Polymer Heart pin

This is a handmade pin of upcycled polartec & polymer.

Hummingbird Pin

This is a hummingbird pin made of polymer clay. I also painted it & clearcoated it.

Valentine Heart Polymer Pin

Just in time for Valentine's Day a Valentine heart of polymer & pretty sparkled paint & clearcoat to make it shiny.

Thanks for looking, Heather :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

When your oven is busted..don't "cook" this..

I rawr u very mucho

Tofutti cheesecake. Made with 2 tbs of raspberry jam, drops of vanilla, splash of cold soy milk, a 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries, cornstarch teeny amount & a coconut rice crust. Not really "raw" vegan per se. But, ye olde stove is still busted. So I'm trying out something new. Not sure how heated cooked tofutti is. But, I do know that tofu is usually kettle boiled. So... not raw exactly. But, the fresh fruit inside the batter is. The coconut -rice gluten free crust was partially cooked in the oven. Broiler works. But it's 500*F no other options. So.... I had to keep the door open & watch it. I only cooked it to firm it up a touch. It cooked in there for 15 minutes that's it.

Consensus from my two kids, (aka: Picky eaters)it's GOOD. Really good. You don't need any soy whip to make it better. It's soo delish!

If the oven gets fixed tonight, I was thinking I'd bake it. Now having had some. I'm not going to bother.

XOXO Heather :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dinner is AWESOME!

Roasted Eggplant

The eggplant were sliced and simmered in a pan on med-high. When they are browned turn the heat down and let them simmer in the oil, add a little water so they steam and become softer.

In another pan. Cook the following.
Homemade Sofrito

Garlic, onion, sea salt, sliced plum tomatoes, green peppers, pepper, onion powder, fresh cilantro, garlic powder..... simmered in a pan for about 45 minutes. The whole time it was cooking was intense. Incredible smells.. YUMMY! You could stop now & add this, and the eggplant to some pasta & DINNER IS DONE! But, why stop now? (Please note there is a piece of eggplant in the photo, this is not part of the sofrito.)

Whip this up next. Just a dollop of this to the pasta & some of the sofrito & eggplant becomes an amazingly delicious meal!

Vegan Ricotta

Do not think about the Tofu. Just use it. I know it seems weird.. or gross. JUST trust me. It's delicious! If the spices you add aren't enough add more. Just start slowly spice wise. Add to the tofu:oil, garlic, onion, basil. You can do it with dry spices. You can do it with fresh. I like to use both. IE: I use fresh garlic & fresh onions & basil if I'm cooking it, since these spices are strong. If I'm using this raw, I use the dry spices so it's not so potent. But, your palate may vary. (If I'm using the raw onion & garlic I stir fry them first to mellow it a touch.)

Stick all the ingredients into a blender, smoothie maker or use a stick blender. Zoom it around for a few minutes.. and then use it! in this instance I used a regular hand mixer.. so it was chunky. Slap it on some warm noodles..& YUMOO!

Do try to find the tofu organic, locally made if possible. I found some organic tofu, not local.. but it said on the label NO GMO. Psyched! I used about 1/4 c on the oil, a quarter amount on the sea salt and just sprinkled in some spices.. and added a bit more.. to taste. You could add some cayenne pepper to it to give it a kick if you like it. My hubby likes to add this to anything & everything he eats.


Roasted Eggplant & Homemade Sofrito w/ Angel Hair Pasta.

Cheers! XOXO Heather :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Narrowing Down The Photos for My Book.

Let the leaf peeping begin!

Snuggly teddy bear (watermarked)

A small glimmer of sunshine

Trees green tall  {watermarked}

Happy Winter!

green butterfly (wm)

Pink Pop Buzzalicious.. (watermarked)

Finally had some time to pick a few photos for my blog giveaway book. If you wanna join in and try to win. Comment on any of my flickr photos. IF YOU DON'T Have a flickr account. You can still go there and look at them & choose a couple. Just email your favs to

Thanks & have fun! --Heather :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

100% Donation Time!

In my etsy shop it's now 100% Donation time!

Anything that you purchase now till the End of January all the proceeds go to charity. They need it more than I do. So I'm trying to help!

You pick the charity, or I will be happy to pick one of my favs!

Please check out the shop! XOXO Heather :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rescued Pitty Puppy Needs HELP!

For Immediate Release:
December 29, 2009


Lorena Whiteside Nelson, Red Coral Public Relations

(619) 572-8564 or

Holiday dog rescue on track for a sad ending unless help comes quickly

Couple rescues dog from a certain death on a busy street in Turlock only to be faced with its possible euthanization despite exhausting all efforts to find a home for the healthy and friendly puppy.

turlock, CA , dec 29, 2009 – While visiting family in the Central Valley for the Christmas holiday, a Southern California couple crossed paths with a scared and frantic puppy running down the middle of a busy four lane road in Turlock , California . While cars raced by narrowly missing the frightened dog and making no effort to help the poor stray out, George and Lorena Nelson sprung into action. They were able to gain the male pups trust and coax him into the car with them. He thanked the couple with excited wet kisses and the nonstop thumping of his happy tail.

They took the friendly pit bull mix puppy back the home of Lorena's parents and began searching for its owner all the while fearing that the dog had been abandoned on the streets since he had no collar on and seemed a bit neglected. During their outreach to find its owners, they learned that dog abandonment was common in the Valley and on the rise in recent years with the decline of the economy and increase in foreclosures. The couple created and left flyers at all local veterinarians and wherever else they could post them up, put an ad in the local paper and on Craigslist and reached out to whoever they could find to help the puppy. Their efforts have produced no responses, only apologies that there is no room for him and given his breed, his chances of finding a home are slim to none. Without anywhere else to take the dog, they were forced to drop him off at Animal Control where he was given until January 5th for his owner to claim him and then two additional days from there if his owner did not come forward for someone to adopt him before he would be euthanized.

Although avid dog lovers, George and Lorena are unable to care for the dog themselves. They live in a small townhouse in San Diego with a 14 year old miniature pinscher who does not do well with other dogs. Lorena, a publicist in San Diego , thought to turn to the media as a last ditch effort to save the puppy.

"We've tried everything to save this dog but have, unfortunately, only experienced how these difficult times have so severely impacted abandoned pets in the Central Valley," says Lorena. "No one has been willing or able to help which is scary given the effort we've put into finding a positive solution for this puppy."

The dog is a white male pit bull mix between 8-12 months old. He is about 35 lbs and is extremely friendly, smart and relatively low maintenance for a puppy. He appears to possibly have hearing problem as he reacts only to certain sounds like clapping but does not seem to hear low voices. Because of the stigma associated with the pit bull breed, Lorena and George were hesitant when they first tried to lure the dog to them. However, after watching him immediately fall to the ground and begin rolling around on his back and belly at the first patch of green grass he encountered, they realized that the dog was just a playful friendly puppy.

George and Lorena call the puppy " Taylor " after the road he was found next to and are desperately looking for a way to save his life before he is euthanized on January 7th. They are calling on any help from the media and/or Valley organizations to help generate awareness for this sweet and loving puppy's urgent situation. Please contact Lorena Whiteside Nelson at 619-572-8564 or for more information about " Taylor ", to schedule an interview or to highlight the dog in any way. Lorena and George will be in the Central Valley until January 3rd.

***Update as of 12/30/09 at 4:03 PM PST***

Despite the story about Taylor, a pit bull mix rescued in Turlock just two days after Christmas by a Southern California couple who are now desperate to find a home for him before he is euthanized, being one of the most read stories on yesterday, featured in an article in today's Modesto Bee, and mentioned on the morning radio show for Sunny 102.3, there have been no inquiries to Turlock Animal Control at this time regarding the puppy. Turlock Animal Control is now indicating that they will likely euthanize Taylor on 1/6/10 if no one comes forward to claim or adopt him. Any additional awareness you can help us generate for this poor puppy in dire need of an immediate home / foster situation, would be greatly appreciated.

"We will continue to exhaust every possible option for this poor dog," says Lorena Whiteside Nelson who rescued Taylor and is a publicist in Southern California . "I am amazed that despite our community and media outreach and the media exposure we have received so far, that there have been no inquiries for Taylor . I am hopeful that this story will get out to even more of the public and we can find a home for him before it's too late. Although this is just one dog needing a home among many in the Valley, it will be a sad start to the new year and paint a truly depressing outlook for homeless pets in the area if despite all of these efforts, he still dies."

For more information, please contact Lorena Whiteside Nelson at (619) 572-8564 or


Thanks again,

Lorena Whiteside

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

(.•´✶`*...Happy New Year!
*.*★´¨)... ..........
. ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★)
(☆´¸.•★´ (¸.•`✶* ☆´¸★.•

Here's another cute thing I found (above) Geesh they're all over the place.
I love these but, just don't have the patience to type them out myself.

--Heather :)

Agave Nectar Lollipops..

Agave Nectar Lollipops

Something sweet to begin the New Year with.

└─▒███─▒███─▒█─▒███────Everyone Happy♪♫• New♪♫• Year♪♫

XOXO Heather :)

Recipe: 1/3C Hot water.
1/3 C Agave Nectar
1 C Raw sugarcane sugar granules.

Place into pot & stir to mix & then leave alone & let it cook. IE: No more stirring.
Turn on Med-High cook till it reaches 300 Degrees on a Candy Thermometer.
Take off of heat & pour into *hard* candy molds. Make sure you spray the molds, so the candy will come out.

When it cools. Voila, you will have lollipops!

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