Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Framed Hydrangea Print

This is an example of how I like to frame my artwork for hanging here in the house. My house is a modernized hunter's cabin. Snicker. A vegan living in a hunter's cabin, yeah I know, it's funny. ;) We have oodles of wall space & they need covering, so this was an inexpensive way to go about doing a large amount of artwork at one time. Plus I really just like the way these frames are & look. Very easy to frame with them. The glass is front loading, you pop it gently out, remove the paraphernalia and add the photo. Pop the glass back inside, and hang it on the wall. Simple, quick & easy and best of all I can DIY this simple project without having to wait for Mr. Fussy. Er, I mean my Darling husband. This way he can sit & enjoy his glass of vino when he comes home, and not have more work to do after his long day.

He likes projects like this, even better if I'm dressed up in stilettos while doing these projects. --Heather ;)
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