Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Hysteria Surrounds Me..

and I don't even have to leave home..

Twinkle dog2

Let it be known: I am completely safe here in the boonies. Completely and 100,000% protected. My fair self is completely safe, even from the UPS man bringing me a mere package. My kids & dogs take this way too seriously. The dog wouldn't let me grab her/get in front of her, when I tried to take the package from the UPS driver and simutaneously get her to stay back. She ran out barking & possibly swearing at him in her native tongue. Her fur was up on her back & she sounded serious. Cripes sakes, dog. Ridiculous! Plus add in the comic genius factor of my two kids one wielding a stick & the other with two snow shovels. Running around in the yard & keeping the UPS man from getting anywhere possibly near me, just to hand me the package. Which incidentally was dog food. I mean WHY are we trying to keep this nice guy away & from giving us DOG FOOD? Huh, doggies? WHY? Should have seen the UPS man using his signing pad like a shield.. I bet he's done that before. I asked my son why was he acting so strangely. He told me this: "Just making sure there was no funny business." {Slaps forehead} I guess my son takes the NO Talking or going near strangers thing seriously. Way too seriously.

But I'm very safe. So do be warned. PLEASE call first! I'll cage the animals. ;) Oh & yes, sometimes I do get dressed before noon.

--Heather :)

P.S: am I the only person who always says THANKS & I'm sorry each and every time someone delivers me a package? Unbelievable!
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