Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm a Winner!

The other day I was notified by the BIGBADARTCOLLECTIVE that I had won their blog giveaway! Yes I had to all caps that. Such a cool name! Yippeeee! I was so excited! YES, I am a WINNER! I always knew I was. ;)


This is what I won! I won a mini moleskine & a postcard with little hearts all over it, from BlackbirdandPeacock! SO CUTE! Check out that super awesome biz card too! NICE!

My Very First Moleskine

I have since written in the moleskine & doodled in it! LOVE it. I have always wanted a moleskine. They are so nice to draw in. Now I know just how cool they are up close & personal! The pencil just glides on the paper.. and you want to draw in it more, and more. Of course, I chose one with little hearts all over it. Since the 7th grade I've been in love with hearts & drawing hearts & coloring hearts.

hearts postcard

So very sweet! <3 it! Thank you so much, Hope!

--Heather :)
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