Thursday, March 24, 2011


Step Two

OK so knitting has been a tedious process, at least with the knitting needles, for me. A royal pain in the... yeah, let's not go any further with that thought train, mmm, OK! I have no troubles with the straight looms by Knifty Knitter and I now have a KnittingBoard sock loom & that seems to be going swimmingly, so far, at least with the easy straight edge knitting stitches, I haven't progressed to the purling or any of the more complicated stitches, as of yet. I also have the round looms from knifty knitter, and that is AOK as well. I do have more dropped stitches with this round loom, than the others, but once off the loom, the items are still usable. Well, the dog is warm, anyways & the kids LOVE their cowls. I even made a skirt from the straight knitting looms, so I have the idea down. I had totally given up hope on learning to knit, with knitting needles. I even joined a group & they all tried to no avail. I also paid for a lesson & no go there either.

Then one of my friends offered to trade with me some knitting needles & a SCOBY for some of my artwork. Since she had made them herself, how do I say no? I just love handmade items! I appreciate people who DIY, in all areas. Well, how do I say no to that? How do I not try to learn then?

Made it to step 2.

Well if your me, you try, try again, even tho other tutorials and people had failed. I again turned to youtube. I had had a lot of luck with this guy's tutorials for the looms. So I figured, if I could figure out the round & straight looms, and even the flower looms, I should be able to find a youtube vid for knitting itself, and I did. I found many many many of them, and not one of them showed it to me in quite the right way. Until, I found this wonderful set of videos by How Cast. Kind of reminds me of my fav site, how things work, a little bit, except it's lacking in the dryness & it is a little bit more interesting & expressive.

Isn't she cute? I love her!

So far with these videos, I've managed a slipnot, which I already learned with the looms, and I can cast on & I'm sorta in the middle of moving the stitches from the left needle to the right. In my glee I logged into ravelry the other day & found I had messages waiting. Lo & behold there is a place closer than the Worcester knitter's group I found, that knits together each week. I will try that place next week & see if we can progress some more.

But yay! I'm finally getting it!

--Heather :)
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