Friday, March 25, 2011

WAY cuter than Kawaii

Look what showed up the other day. I found it in my mailbox & immediately was in LOVE! In love love love! Oh so, sweet love. I love glass & the little seeds. OH MY this is sooo cute. It sprang into my head, it's cuter than KAWAII!

WAY cuter than Kawaii!

What is it? It's a glass terrarium that will house some weeeeee tiny plants. (Yes I love the word weee, almost to excess!) I will wear it around my neck & bring the weeetle garden with me everywhere I go. Oh yes, I'm talking baby talk again. Ruh roh. I can't help it. It's so cuteh! Watch out, she's going LOLCATZ! But look at that wee little seed holder!!!!!!!!! Oh I can't stand it! Adorable! She even made me a little tiny seed planting tool to match it! So dang cute! I haven't been this excited, since my Birthday! Well no. No one has ever given me something this COOL! This is hands down the best present ever. Perfect for a person who loves to garden or enjoys plants! It's so easy to plant the seeds & then enjoy the sprouts!

What's Cuter than Kawaii?

I have added water & the seeds to it, so now I get to wait. Wait wait wait wait, for them to sprout. But look what will happen, when mine sprout!!!!!! I stole this picture from her store, to show you the growing seeds.

Now how did I get this weetle cutie to come live with me, you ask? I was lucky enough oh, so lucky to be the tester, the pilot person to check the necklace out for a friend. Her shop is here. My friend, Abigail makes these adorable & gorgeous lampwork necklaces all on her own! She's a really nice person too! Amazing stuff, what an artist! Check them out! Do it now! GO!

Seriously adorable!! AND bonus here: MADE IN MASSACHUSETTS!

Wicked Adorable!

Check out her Facebook page too. Such pretties!

Thanks for stopping by, Heather :)
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