Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Made Paper..

Now we just need to figure out how to make rocks & scissors!! ;)

What's that in your blender?

This is step 1, cut paper into shreds, add to blender, wet to soften & blend into a slurry.

Paper Slurry & Natural Food Dye

This is actually red, but I took the colour from the photo, since the flash made the tin-foil yellow.

This is step 2: Slurry of paper pulp & organic all natural eco geeko food dyes, spread out on a pan lined with tin-foil. I used a folded up towel to press the excess water from the slurry.

Rustic Recycled Paper

Sorry for the crappy photos. This was a science experiment with my kids, just to see what paper was like when we made it ourselves, by hand & to learn that paper does grow on trees, but still not good to waste it.

Step three: Bake in a 200*F oven for about 30 minutes give or take. Let cool, then peel off the tin-foil slowly. As for using it for anything... well we need to get a better way of pressing the water from the slurry, hint hint, @ MOM! (She has a paper press, and I want her to lend it to me, indefinitely, as I'd love to make paper like this on a regular basis.) I might use it with some thick markers for labels in the raised garden beds this spring, or perhaps as tags for presents. Next time I want to put some seeds into the paper & make seed bombs or seed gift tags or something, I think these would be fun for the kids to use & gift to friends & family.

XOXO Thanks for stopping by, Heather :)
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