Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Saves the Day!

Got up weeeeally early this morning to exercise, gee fun! It actually went a lot better, than I thought it would. Thank you @LATE JULY for saving my workout! I even did some stretches, yoga and also hit that wretched treadmill too.

Yippeee! My legs are feeling like jelly!

This song, (below) is one, that I listened to. You really NEED the whole album tho, it ROCKS! I was lucky enough to hear the EXPLICIT VERSION of the song below! LOVE IT! Oh I LOVE it so much more for the explicit, since that's the way I talk.. well, when, I'm mad I do anyways. Right hubby? He nodded yes, as he recalls our once yearly, annual blowout very well. Like I'd let him forget it!! Not evaar!!

It's a pretty awesome album too! Love it! I have her previous album as well, it's wonderful too. Check her out over on YouTube!

Since her song got me thinking about it..
General things I know about guys, women, life, and relationships in general.

1. Men don't change.

2. Men are slower mentally & physically, than women to mature.

3. What you see, is what you get. So choose the finest specimen you can find. Seriously, ladies be very very picky! Listen to Indiana Jones; "CHOOSE WISELY"

(I've got a theory going, if you're choosier, there will be less garbage out there.)

4. Don't expect miracles. Or beds of roses. Those are just movie props!

5. Men are not women. Some of course, are great communicators, but most aren't. Please clearly & calmly explain your thoughts, wants, desires & feelings. "Be up front in the very beginning." IE: SWF seeks cool MUSIC loving guy who MUST love Kids & Dogs.

6. You do not need a man to complete you. That's just your tick tick, tock clock talking to you.

7. Don't listen to advice from girlfriends, *unless they have a SUPER, AWESOME, wonderful husband & relationship with him. Cue to fade in @ Photo of my SupER AweSOME HUBBY who for some odd reason after almost 20 years together, still effing adores me & thinks I'm hott! (He's only slighly insane, but I'm not going to wake him up! SHHH!)

Hubba hubba

8. When dating or wanting to have a relationship with a man, or woman for that matter, it's only about YOU TWO, not what everyone else *sees* or *thinks* about your relationship. It's YOU & HIM or YOU & HER against the world. Think of it like you two are a super duo superhero team, not you VS someone to manipulate to your wishes.

9. Relationships end. Sometimes it's inevitable. I think the younger you are when you begin dating, the more likely you will end relationships & move on because they just don't go the same way as you any longer. (that guy I dated who liked Baseball. I hope he's happy & adores his baseball loving wife, that just isn't me. I'm sorry.)

10. Don't date someone *JUST* cause they think you're pretty. Chances are it won't work.

11. Don't date someone who doesn't agree with your religion or beliefs.

12. Don't let people try to change your religion or beliefs, so they can date you.

13. Looks are not everything.

14. Find someone who is a little bit like you are. Sure, if you're a stubborn old coot' (like me) and they are too (hubby) sometimes you two will butt heads. But that's OK cause Beavis & Butthead are pretty funny at times. Fights do happen, there is no happily ever after, that is just a Disney Flick. Remember that. Repeat as needed.

15. If it's meant to be, nothing, no one can break you up, even if they try.

Thank you, that is all. Please leave your questions in the comments bin. I will file them & answer the ones, I can. I am not a matchmaker, nor am I a wizard. But Love is Magic!

--Heather :)
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