Sunday, June 12, 2011

If You Don't Have a Dog.....

Then Go Get One! Do it now!

DOGS are AWESOME! My dogs have several types of barks that they do. I've been watching, listening & learning from them for some time. When we moved here to this podunk hood' some of their behaviour changed a bit. (I can say Podunk, it's OK, I live here. We even have a Podunk Street, nearby.) But I've heard their UPS man bark. Their next door neighbor's are walking by with their dogs, bark and I've noticed each type of bark is a little bit different. The other morning I heard a weird bark from both of my dogs. Sounded almost panicked to some degree.

I came home the other morning & my dogs were barking LIKE MADCAP CRAZZZZZZAY In the house. Even the black lab cross was going nutso--I thought they must have got bit by a rabid (rabid, not rabbit) skunk or something. WHOOOEEEE Nutso barking! Before I could figure out what was going on inside the house, my nextdoor neighbor came over. She ended up explaining to me why my dogs were going crazy in the house barking. She said: "I was working on my computer, and saw a shadow pass by the window & thought it was one of your dog's lose or something. Looked out & no it was a pretty big bear walking by the window. Saw him walk into your yard, the next neighbor's house & then wander down the street to the other neighbor's.. and then I couldn't see him anymore." She was freaked out a little bit. She's heard a few stories of other folks in the area having seen and or heard him. Neighbor's up the hill from here have horses & sometimes the bear spooks the horses & makes them jump around & bray in the middle of the night. One neighbor reports hearing the bear whacking at his barn's door. Like he was trying to get inside.

Duke Gromit Odie O'Connor

So that MADCAPPPP CRAZZZZY barking I mentioned?? Member that? That was my dogs warning me that there was a bear outside, sniffling around. I know my dogs 'love me' but they are fed solely by me, with only small nibbles & cookies that are given to them by my sons. With the occasional pizza crust handed to them by my husband. But the main amount, the bulk of the food they get, I cook & prep it for them. Then hand it to them to eat. So without me, in a dog's mind--they'd be shit out of luck. So they are both very very overprotective of me, a lot more here, than where we lived in the past (city/ city) here they won't let me out of their sight, I had long been wondering why. "Well sheeeeit, Floyd, looks like you done figured it out. BEAR in tha hood' freaks the dog's out." ;)

Wow. I'm impressed & very thankful to my dog's for taking care of me, their meal ticket. Even if I'm just a meal ticket to them, which I'm guessing I'm not exactly. I mean my Chihuahua always wants to sleep by my feet & sleeps behind me on my computer chair (right this very minute) sure it might be chilly out today, and she's staying warm behind me, but it's cause she loves me. I know it is.

--Heather :)
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