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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thanks Mom!

Recently my Mother found some of my eco-geeko, photos & memory stuff of mine from my Middle School & into my High School years.

In 1988 at a friend's wedding, with my dearly missed Grandfather:

Me & My Grandfather <3

Me reading poetry at 1990 Earth Day in High School, IIRC the very first one there.

Poetry Reading for Earth Day 1990

{Terrifyingly awful poem that I read}

BAD Poetry

Here's everyone who came to the Poetry reading:

Earth Day in 1990

Me reading the poem in colour:

Earth Day 1990

{Me and my sister}

Recycling Sisters

Showing off the T-shirt I helped create with my Aunty.

EPM in the paper again..

The T-shirt close up:

The Force

Soon after creating the Environmental Peace Movement in the High School, I joined up with Amnesty International program in HS also. Some of the kids were in both groups with me.

Dorky High School Photo

I joined them for two reasons. One to give back to the folks helping me with my program & two cause I <3 Amnesty! Once I had heard about the good work they were doing, they became my #2, sometimes #1 cause, depending on the issue & the day. I still sign tons of these petitions & other petitions too in the same kind of idea.

It's a little irritating that some of these issues we dealt with in the early 90's we are still today in 2011 dealing with. This is why I posted this to remind folks. We're still dealing with this & need to work on all these issues, still. Plus it's funny seeing my mindframe of the time & the ridiculous poetry!

Wanna see more ? Course you do! ;)

Here is the High School Literary Magazine, the one, the only: Sachem!

Sachem 1989

Is that ^ David Bowie? I don't know, think so tho.

War #1:

Poetry from High School.

War #2:

More Horrible Poetry

I think I listened to a lot of U2 at the time, plus I spent many formative years hanging out with my (above shown) Grandfather & my other Grandfather, both of whom spent a lot of time fighting world wars. Too much time if you ask me. My Grandfather (above) was in two of them, actually. WWI & WWII. He hit it right for the ages in both wars, but thankfully managed to make it out alive. I believe he thought this was a good reason as any to work with Church for the rest of his working life. He hoped to change things in the world & how folks thought about each other. He ran a used shop in Brighton in one of his Churches around the time I was a little girl till when he retired in 88'. During those years he helped many people find used but inexpensive items they needed or wanted. He also employed some folks there & helped them. He had the right idea there. He was a very strong light, force whatever you call it. He was a very important person in my life. I miss him every day & I follow his ideas in my life, as much as possible & the ones I feel are the right way to be. Some of his Ideas & mine don't intersect, but we lived at two different times & grew up in two different times, so that is to be expected. I still respect him & always will. Still miss him too. Anyways, I just wanted to show some of the things my mom found. Now I'm off to hunt for my old High school photo album.. I'm sure it's chock full of more fun stuff to look through & stroll down memory lane with.. ahh fun!

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A Funky Saab Wheel Photograph

SAAB 95 Steering Wheel (funky edit)

A lovely photograph that I have in my Etsy shop.

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