Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Saves the Day!

Got up weeeeally early this morning to exercise, gee fun! It actually went a lot better, than I thought it would. Thank you @LATE JULY for saving my workout! I even did some stretches, yoga and also hit that wretched treadmill too.

Yippeee! My legs are feeling like jelly!

This song, (below) is one, that I listened to. You really NEED the whole album tho, it ROCKS! I was lucky enough to hear the EXPLICIT VERSION of the song below! LOVE IT! Oh I LOVE it so much more for the explicit, since that's the way I talk.. well, when, I'm mad I do anyways. Right hubby? He nodded yes, as he recalls our once yearly, annual blowout very well. Like I'd let him forget it!! Not evaar!!

It's a pretty awesome album too! Love it! I have her previous album as well, it's wonderful too. Check her out over on YouTube!

Since her song got me thinking about it..
General things I know about guys, women, life, and relationships in general.

1. Men don't change.

2. Men are slower mentally & physically, than women to mature.

3. What you see, is what you get. So choose the finest specimen you can find. Seriously, ladies be very very picky! Listen to Indiana Jones; "CHOOSE WISELY"

(I've got a theory going, if you're choosier, there will be less garbage out there.)

4. Don't expect miracles. Or beds of roses. Those are just movie props!

5. Men are not women. Some of course, are great communicators, but most aren't. Please clearly & calmly explain your thoughts, wants, desires & feelings. "Be up front in the very beginning." IE: SWF seeks cool MUSIC loving guy who MUST love Kids & Dogs.

6. You do not need a man to complete you. That's just your tick tick, tock clock talking to you.

7. Don't listen to advice from girlfriends, *unless they have a SUPER, AWESOME, wonderful husband & relationship with him. Cue to fade in @ Photo of my SupER AweSOME HUBBY who for some odd reason after almost 20 years together, still effing adores me & thinks I'm hott! (He's only slighly insane, but I'm not going to wake him up! SHHH!)

Hubba hubba

8. When dating or wanting to have a relationship with a man, or woman for that matter, it's only about YOU TWO, not what everyone else *sees* or *thinks* about your relationship. It's YOU & HIM or YOU & HER against the world. Think of it like you two are a super duo superhero team, not you VS someone to manipulate to your wishes.

9. Relationships end. Sometimes it's inevitable. I think the younger you are when you begin dating, the more likely you will end relationships & move on because they just don't go the same way as you any longer. (that guy I dated who liked Baseball. I hope he's happy & adores his baseball loving wife, that just isn't me. I'm sorry.)

10. Don't date someone *JUST* cause they think you're pretty. Chances are it won't work.

11. Don't date someone who doesn't agree with your religion or beliefs.

12. Don't let people try to change your religion or beliefs, so they can date you.

13. Looks are not everything.

14. Find someone who is a little bit like you are. Sure, if you're a stubborn old coot' (like me) and they are too (hubby) sometimes you two will butt heads. But that's OK cause Beavis & Butthead are pretty funny at times. Fights do happen, there is no happily ever after, that is just a Disney Flick. Remember that. Repeat as needed.

15. If it's meant to be, nothing, no one can break you up, even if they try.

Thank you, that is all. Please leave your questions in the comments bin. I will file them & answer the ones, I can. I am not a matchmaker, nor am I a wizard. But Love is Magic!

--Heather :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on the Sprouts..


Aren't they cute? They are growing super fast! I have been helping them along a little bit too, I have a heating pad under my SCOBY and I placed these guys on a tiny corner of it at night, so they can keep all warm & snuggily. Then, during the day, they are sitting on my sitting on a sunny window sill enjoying the sunlight.

I wish I was this cool & could make these glass terrarium necklaces, but I'm not. This girl is tho. You can see my last posting & learn more here.

XOXO Heather :)


Bright Feesh!

FEESH is FISH, in my silly language. So happy with how this photo came out!

--Heather :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm a Winner!

The other day I was notified by the BIGBADARTCOLLECTIVE that I had won their blog giveaway! Yes I had to all caps that. Such a cool name! Yippeeee! I was so excited! YES, I am a WINNER! I always knew I was. ;)


This is what I won! I won a mini moleskine & a postcard with little hearts all over it, from BlackbirdandPeacock! SO CUTE! Check out that super awesome biz card too! NICE!

My Very First Moleskine

I have since written in the moleskine & doodled in it! LOVE it. I have always wanted a moleskine. They are so nice to draw in. Now I know just how cool they are up close & personal! The pencil just glides on the paper.. and you want to draw in it more, and more. Of course, I chose one with little hearts all over it. Since the 7th grade I've been in love with hearts & drawing hearts & coloring hearts.

hearts postcard

So very sweet! <3 it! Thank you so much, Hope!

--Heather :)

The Hysteria Surrounds Me..

and I don't even have to leave home..

Twinkle dog2

Let it be known: I am completely safe here in the boonies. Completely and 100,000% protected. My fair self is completely safe, even from the UPS man bringing me a mere package. My kids & dogs take this way too seriously. The dog wouldn't let me grab her/get in front of her, when I tried to take the package from the UPS driver and simutaneously get her to stay back. She ran out barking & possibly swearing at him in her native tongue. Her fur was up on her back & she sounded serious. Cripes sakes, dog. Ridiculous! Plus add in the comic genius factor of my two kids one wielding a stick & the other with two snow shovels. Running around in the yard & keeping the UPS man from getting anywhere possibly near me, just to hand me the package. Which incidentally was dog food. I mean WHY are we trying to keep this nice guy away & from giving us DOG FOOD? Huh, doggies? WHY? Should have seen the UPS man using his signing pad like a shield.. I bet he's done that before. I asked my son why was he acting so strangely. He told me this: "Just making sure there was no funny business." {Slaps forehead} I guess my son takes the NO Talking or going near strangers thing seriously. Way too seriously.

But I'm very safe. So do be warned. PLEASE call first! I'll cage the animals. ;) Oh & yes, sometimes I do get dressed before noon.

--Heather :)

P.S: am I the only person who always says THANKS & I'm sorry each and every time someone delivers me a package? Unbelievable!

Friday, March 25, 2011

WAY cuter than Kawaii

Look what showed up the other day. I found it in my mailbox & immediately was in LOVE! In love love love! Oh so, sweet love. I love glass & the little seeds. OH MY this is sooo cute. It sprang into my head, it's cuter than KAWAII!

WAY cuter than Kawaii!

What is it? It's a glass terrarium that will house some weeeeee tiny plants. (Yes I love the word weee, almost to excess!) I will wear it around my neck & bring the weeetle garden with me everywhere I go. Oh yes, I'm talking baby talk again. Ruh roh. I can't help it. It's so cuteh! Watch out, she's going LOLCATZ! But look at that wee little seed holder!!!!!!!!! Oh I can't stand it! Adorable! She even made me a little tiny seed planting tool to match it! So dang cute! I haven't been this excited, since my Birthday! Well no. No one has ever given me something this COOL! This is hands down the best present ever. Perfect for a person who loves to garden or enjoys plants! It's so easy to plant the seeds & then enjoy the sprouts!

What's Cuter than Kawaii?

I have added water & the seeds to it, so now I get to wait. Wait wait wait wait, for them to sprout. But look what will happen, when mine sprout!!!!!! I stole this picture from her store, to show you the growing seeds.

Now how did I get this weetle cutie to come live with me, you ask? I was lucky enough oh, so lucky to be the tester, the pilot person to check the necklace out for a friend. Her shop is here. My friend, Abigail makes these adorable & gorgeous lampwork necklaces all on her own! She's a really nice person too! Amazing stuff, what an artist! Check them out! Do it now! GO!

Seriously adorable!! AND bonus here: MADE IN MASSACHUSETTS!

Wicked Adorable!

Check out her Facebook page too. Such pretties!

Thanks for stopping by, Heather :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Step Two

OK so knitting has been a tedious process, at least with the knitting needles, for me. A royal pain in the... yeah, let's not go any further with that thought train, mmm, OK! I have no troubles with the straight looms by Knifty Knitter and I now have a KnittingBoard sock loom & that seems to be going swimmingly, so far, at least with the easy straight edge knitting stitches, I haven't progressed to the purling or any of the more complicated stitches, as of yet. I also have the round looms from knifty knitter, and that is AOK as well. I do have more dropped stitches with this round loom, than the others, but once off the loom, the items are still usable. Well, the dog is warm, anyways & the kids LOVE their cowls. I even made a skirt from the straight knitting looms, so I have the idea down. I had totally given up hope on learning to knit, with knitting needles. I even joined a group & they all tried to no avail. I also paid for a lesson & no go there either.

Then one of my friends offered to trade with me some knitting needles & a SCOBY for some of my artwork. Since she had made them herself, how do I say no? I just love handmade items! I appreciate people who DIY, in all areas. Well, how do I say no to that? How do I not try to learn then?

Made it to step 2.

Well if your me, you try, try again, even tho other tutorials and people had failed. I again turned to youtube. I had had a lot of luck with this guy's tutorials for the looms. So I figured, if I could figure out the round & straight looms, and even the flower looms, I should be able to find a youtube vid for knitting itself, and I did. I found many many many of them, and not one of them showed it to me in quite the right way. Until, I found this wonderful set of videos by How Cast. Kind of reminds me of my fav site, how things work, a little bit, except it's lacking in the dryness & it is a little bit more interesting & expressive.

Isn't she cute? I love her!

So far with these videos, I've managed a slipnot, which I already learned with the looms, and I can cast on & I'm sorta in the middle of moving the stitches from the left needle to the right. In my glee I logged into ravelry the other day & found I had messages waiting. Lo & behold there is a place closer than the Worcester knitter's group I found, that knits together each week. I will try that place next week & see if we can progress some more.

But yay! I'm finally getting it!

--Heather :)

We Made Paper..

Now we just need to figure out how to make rocks & scissors!! ;)

What's that in your blender?

This is step 1, cut paper into shreds, add to blender, wet to soften & blend into a slurry.

Paper Slurry & Natural Food Dye

This is actually red, but I took the colour from the photo, since the flash made the tin-foil yellow.

This is step 2: Slurry of paper pulp & organic all natural eco geeko food dyes, spread out on a pan lined with tin-foil. I used a folded up towel to press the excess water from the slurry.

Rustic Recycled Paper

Sorry for the crappy photos. This was a science experiment with my kids, just to see what paper was like when we made it ourselves, by hand & to learn that paper does grow on trees, but still not good to waste it.

Step three: Bake in a 200*F oven for about 30 minutes give or take. Let cool, then peel off the tin-foil slowly. As for using it for anything... well we need to get a better way of pressing the water from the slurry, hint hint, @ MOM! (She has a paper press, and I want her to lend it to me, indefinitely, as I'd love to make paper like this on a regular basis.) I might use it with some thick markers for labels in the raised garden beds this spring, or perhaps as tags for presents. Next time I want to put some seeds into the paper & make seed bombs or seed gift tags or something, I think these would be fun for the kids to use & gift to friends & family.

XOXO Thanks for stopping by, Heather :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relief for Japan

A precarious landing..

See it larger & on a black backround here.
I am donating all proceeds from this item to
The Butterfly is available here for purchase.

XOXO Thanks for looking! --Heather :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dogs in CT Need Your Help!

Got a message about some dogs in need, in Hartford CT. Please get there if you're in the area, or pass the info onto folks who are! Message below the photo. Dog shown is not one in need. Just an example.

Pitties in the pound.

The kennel is full and several dogs are out of time and need a safe place.

Since I have been out on a medical issue, the site is not updated. PLEASE take this time to get to the pound and save an innocent life.


120 RESCUE LANE BLOOMFIELD or use 87 WEST DUDLEY TOWN RD(gps or mapquest).



Thank you for your efforts to help the dogs while Im NOT able to..


Sherry(Htfd aco)

Thanks for taking the time!

--Heather :)

Purple Tulips.. Spring is on the Way!

Purple Tulips

Sometimes treasuries on Etsy are art in of themselves. When that happens, I try to post them here, so you & I can enjoy them. This one is especially beautiful, IMO. Just so wonderful. I am truly honored to have my photo featured in it. The actual treasury is here, if you care to view it closer or purchase something. WOW! I love that bag! I also am a big admirer & fan of other people's photography. I get inspired by it, and come up with new & fascinating ways to shoot when I'm out the next time. If you like you can fan my fanpage & stay up to date on any of my new treasuries & new listings on Etsy, here. My shop is here as well.

All my best. Thanks for stopping by, Heather :)

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