Monday, August 6, 2012

Forgotten Things....

Way back when we moved away from Western MA & back to Central MA again, I gave my sister a bag full of some of my cameras. She put it into her basement onto a shelf.

(Shown below, my Kodak camera case that houses my digital, below that a mystery case. What cameras are inside??)
Then we both promptly forgot about the bag of cameras. Go Mommy Brain! In fact, it has been so long now, I totally had no idea what cameras were even in it.


Turns out there was a Brownie with a Kodet Lense inside. All taped up & ready for TTV! (TTV is Through The Viewfinder.)

Ooooh what is in this cute lil aeroplane case???

Turns out it was this cute wee Brownie Starflex. So wee. So cute!

Inside the last lil case was my very first camera that I used as an adult.


It's a APS camera & even has a roll of film inside its bag & ready to go.
There was also some miscellaneous stuff inside as well.

Looks like makeup, my boy's baby nail clippers & a lil vegan book called: "Where do vegans get their protein?" CUTE! I had wondered where that had got to!
In the meantime while the cameras were sitting on a shelf in my sister's basement. I haven't been idle in my camera purchasing or TTV fooling around. I wasn't able to find my Brownie with the Kodent Lense, so I purchased this cutie.
I also bought this adorable camera too. I found it on Light in the box after seeing it in someone's pinterest stream.
New Pink Camera
Yes, while that Hello Kitty case would be the most appropriate home for the pink bubble glitter camera, it's actually my nail polishes' home. At least right now. Maybe soon when the nail polish outgrow their abode, we'll give it some thought. I also picked up another Brownie just like the one above all taped up and ready for TTV, but right now.. I have no idea where it is. YIKES! Probably it's in another bag somewhere waiting for me to re-find it.
(Photo of the missing Brownie. Have you SEEN it?)
TTV Contraption
Gotta run..
All that you hold dear..
These guys are calling me! ~~~XOXO Heather :)
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