Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have a pair of Dansko clogs that I LOVE, but hardly got to wear (cause I'm a klutz) since the woven felt got worn in the toe area very soon after purchasing them. They look like this:

I have a SHOE Addiction..
And with the offending ruined toes: Feet
So I decided (after years of thinking I was gonna use felt to fix them) to glitter them up last night so I could wear them again. HAH. Where are you gonna wear these? The joke will make more sense in a few nanoseconds. Trust me. So I looked on pinterest & I googled up some tutorials & landed on this one, here.

Basically, the tutorial suggests to mix the glitter & modge podge together & paint it onto the shoe. But naturally, I read the directions AFTER I put glue on the shoes & dumped tons of glitter onto the shoes & let it dry. After it dried a bit I painted modge podge over the whole shooting match & I think it came out pretty close. I didn't go for perfect. I didn't go for matching either. I just wanted the shoes funky & wearable.
As for where to wear them? Kids have begun calling the shoes the "Party Rock" shoes. So of course.. when we're dancing around the house. Also quite possibly when I'm gardening or grocery shopping or who knows ? I love bright & fun shoes! No KIDDING!
New vegan shoes!!
Hanna Clogs..
Vegan heels
New shoes
Yeah so I like shoes. I have a shoe like. Just a little bit. In fact, I like shoes so much I've been neglectful in regards to purses. I need a new one. The current recycled one is very boring. No amount of glitter can save it. Altho I do have a black vinyl one that could do with some glitter. Hmm... XOXO Heather :)
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