Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Etsy, Pinterest, Flickr..

and anyone and everyone else out on the net': HIT ME with all the wee bambino piccies you can muster up. I KNOW now what will be happening during the month of MAY. Once my baby is born, I will be so finger snap happy click happy joy joy it will be all sorts of insanity around here! WEEE! I'm so so so excited. I'm 5 mos preggers now & anyday now.. awaiting a wee little girl. My first girl. I have two boys already, and now a little girl. YAY! I recall taking 1000's of photos of my sons when they were both born & know this birth will be exactly the same way.

Look at this cute dress!! THRIFTED! YAY for recycling!


I'M FREAKING OUT FOLKS! YAY! Babies RULE! I can't wait. Deep breaths! You should see the pink & purple my house is becoming. I am keeping a lot of it stacked up in my closet it's a riot of pink & purple & red in there.

Check out the cute Baby Bjorn big I found! We won't need that right away, but couldn't say no to it at $1.99!


I even managed to find a Pottery Barn Kids Boppy in HOT PINK! WOOT!


I am just so darn excited! Here she is in all her glory! Getting ready for the world!


I assume she will look something like this cutie pie here!


That's my middle son, Roosky when he was wee & small. So cute! I can't wait for another baby to be here! We will be having the best year ever! YAY 2012!

XOXO Heather :)

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