Friday, March 8, 2013

The King of Connacht II

The King of Connacht II
In 2005, on this day we had a gorgeous baby boy with blond hair & green eyes enter our lives. We named him after King Rory O'Connor or RuaidhrĂ­ Ua Conchobhair. By the time Rory was born at least a foot of snow was dumped on top of us. He, like his siblings were all born in Worcester, MA. By the same OB/GYN, a family friend. Today Rory is 8 and we have almost a foot of snow out there again. Ruaidri was the last High King, before the Norman Invasion of Ireland. I google searched Rory's name probably a 100 or more times. I found both men & women with the name. A doctor, a golfer, a Kennedy, a character in a awesome TV show, The Gilmore Girls, I even met a Rory while in College. It is still one of my favorite all time names. He is a beautiful, loving boy. I cannot get over how much of a love-bug he is. I am overjoyed to be his mother. Every day I wake up & think what a lucky person I am to have met him & his siblings and have all of them in my life.

--Love Mommy <3
(this photo is from the Nemo Blizzard, not todays Blizzard)
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