Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Experiment Time

I've been doing this "knitting" experiment with a vegan yarn of mine. I purchased the vegan yarn to make a baby blanket for Fiona & didn't really like the way it came out. So I thought I'd take the French Knitter by Clover & turn the yarn into a cord & then knit that into a blanket.

{Shown here in the French Knitter} 100_2859

{Here is the new yarn as a cord} 100_2868

{New Yarn on one of my knitting looms} 100_2861

Now I'm not going to knit it on this loom, this was just a test or whatever. Just to see that it does indeed work. I have a few more questions to figure out, first, before going whole hog with it. Like once the blanket is done, I'm going to need to stop knitting it at some point & tie it off. If I just snip it, it will unravel or has the potential to. I think what I am going to do is have to knit it as far as I can & then knit it back into the blanket with the excess. But with the "Yarn" being so thick this will be interesting. Hopefully not a huge waste of my time. I think I am either going to make knitting needles for it & or possibly create a loom of some kind for it to be loomed on. I do like the way the loom knit looks, and it does look good even at this size of "yarn". If this works out, I can see endless possibilities.. bedroom blankets, couch blankets, pillow cases.. and on & on. --Heather :)
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