Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spooky Haunted Glass Window

Haven't been blogging here in a good long time. Been mostly using flickr & tumblr accounts lately. I was going through my old photos the other day, and stumbled upon this funky one. Thought it would be a fun one to share here. At first glance, it's just an old window, in an old building that straddles a river-waterfall in Moore State Park, Paxton, MA. If you go here tho, to my flickr account and look at the largest size photo. Take a really good, long look at the "faces" in the glass. I have other photos of this place. I'll post more below.

Another view of the building with my dog, Duke:

A funny one of my son. Building behind him.

This one was when I was carrying the camera, a complete accident.

The one above, the complete accident happened when I was thinking about the suicides that have happened here over the years. I read somewhere online about it and was scoffing the idea of ghosts. Interesting no?

This photo above is photo I sell online.

The photo above here of the spot under the bridge is pretty interesting. My hubby didn't even notice it, till I pointed out the funny spot under the bridge. Just a bunch of interesting happenings er hauntings ;) in Moore State Park, Paxton, MA. I'd be interested in finding out if it's true, the suicides that have happened here, plus any potential accidents from the Civil War era. This property was originally owned by Major Moore who died in the battle of Bunker Hill, so lots of potential for haunting type things here.

Thank you for stopping by! --Heather :)
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