Friday, April 10, 2015

Spooky Happenings by the Waterfall

The other evening, my family and I happened to be kind of late in Moore State Park, Paxton, MA. hubby got a bunch of interesting pictures taken. My camera on the other hand wasn't liking being in the cold. It was acting all wonky and I only got a few snaps off and was getting bored and impatient.

The first photo he got was here, right in front of the waterfall. Please note the "orbs" or droplets of moisture.

Look there are more of them, a few seconds later. Interesting!

Oh LOOK! even more!

And even more!!

And even more of them.

Now I know what you're thinking. Oh it's snow! Come on, it's only snow or moisture in the air.

Um no, this is snow. Taken years ago in BW with a different camera, a Kodak.

This photo is taken before the above shots of the "orbs" or moisture.

And this photo is taken just before. Look it's on the other side of the building too. The "orbs" appear to be coming from the other side of the building, not nearer to the waterfall, which if it was, would suggest moisture from the waterfall. Probably these technical gurus are right, just dust orbs.

Just really interesting, I've never seen something like this captured on a digital camera before. Once I saw a silvery orb in this area fly over my car. It was near a home, so it could have been a child's toy AFAIK. I kind of think this area & two other areas nearby are a little bit odd places. Strange things have happened here anyways. I am looking forward to taking a trip to one of the more "famous" local areas in the near future. Wonder if anything strange will happen to us there. Check out the spooky details on Spidergates online. This website here goes over how really, truly mundane our visit to Spidergates will probably be. I'm OK with that, I'm more of a skeptic anyways, and I'd prefer if all truly creepy 9 minute stealing stuff stays far far far away from me and my familia. Gracias.

Thank you for checking out my blog and photography, Heather
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