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On Halloween This Year I'm Staying Home ;)

Earlier this summer we took a hike into Spider Gates. I had heard about the place online. Some of the online chatter, per the usual talked about it being a very haunted type place. I wanna tell you, no. Just no. It might be for certain people, certain times of the year, perhaps. But we saw nothing out of the oridinary at all. I didn't feel anything either. Nothing spooky or anything like that at all. Perhaps the other spots mentioned that are nearby this cemetery are spookier, but no chills or creepy sensations in the actual cemetery. It's actually a very lovely and peaceful little cemetery. A joyful spot in the woods. I highly reccomend checking it out sometime. This website here talks more about it too.

I've also been following a local, fellow photographer on Instagram. I noticed a new place to go hiking and shooting some photography at and wanted to check it out. We've been twice now. I had this very strong feeling of wanting to go back ever since our first trip up there. The other day we went back there. Once again the whole family went, and we did experience something odd. Something just out of the 'corner of your eyes odd', that was strange. The place is called; Prospect Park in Shrewsbury, MA. At one time it was a Georgian Mansion, then later it was turned into a convalescence home and hospital. If I recall the story correctly, the Mansion was raised in 1976. Ever since this time it's been pretty uninhabited. The town of Shrewsbury owns it and put in a couple of water towers for public water supply. The towers are at the top of the driveway. To the right of the driveway is the flower garden and crumbling pergola. The highest spot here is where the mansion used to be. There is a group of Shrewsbury residents that do some cleaning up and clearcutting of the area, but I think they have limited resources. There are some lovely walks through the woods tho, but for the most part I think the area is pretty uninhabited and lonely. We saw two other groups of people there this second visit and they didn't linger very long. Only one other group of people the first trek.

On our walk up the hill, on the long driveway, the area lends the mood of loneliness and sorrow a little bit. On our first trek there I had a weird thought, there are certain areas in here that would make an excellent body dump spot. Now what would I think that for? On our second walk about 1/3rd of the way up, I'm stopping turning to look backwards and feeling a twinge in my back where I haven't felt pain in in years. At about this same time my daughter's mood changes 100% to really whiny. She's only three, but she's hiked all over the place. Moore State Park, up the big hill, Greenhill Park up that big hill and many other places, never tiring or whining once. She can keep up with her two older brothers like no one's business. So her being whiny after a 30 minute car ride that she could have, but didn't nap during is a little wierd to me. She stiffens up like ramrod poker straight and insists on her dad picking her up. I'm relieved due to the back pain that she wanted him to hold her and not me. She keeps looking back towards me and behind me. I'm walking slower, due to the pain, than everyone else. I'm bringing up the rear, as they say. I thought she was looking to me cause she wanted me to hold her. But at no point does she ever ask to come to me. I almost asked her at one time, but thought better of it for some reason. All this time, as we are walking up the hill, she's telling hubby that there is someone following us. A man behind us. He stops, turns, smiles, looks.. no one is there. I did the same due to overhearing her telling him this. I don't say anything too loudly, don't want to worry or scare my sons, that are also with us. They never mention ever seeing or hearing anything out of the oridinary. I looked a couple times. Nothing is there. But she's whiny and she's very definitely scared or spooked.

He had to have left us, once we reached the top of the drive by the water towers, with the open area where the Mansion used to stand off to our right. We noticed her calm down considerably here in this area. My back pain seemed to disapear too. Everyone's mood seemed to be brighter too. The rest of the day she was really tired and slept a little earlier and more than usual. The next day, once she was happy and fed in the AM, I asked her to tell me about the man in the woods. She smiled at me happily like to say.. Oh phew, you saw him too. Or happy that I believed her or happy to get it off her mind, maybe. She told me he was sad, lost in the woods and trying to get home. Something about him being locked up there. Some mean monsters came there and killed him, left him in the woods to die. That he was stabbed and he died crying. She scratched my desk when she told me all this, telling me he scratched to get out. All this coming from a 3 year old was a little freaky, OK a lot freaky. She's never ever told me any stories like this ever. She only watches shows that are happy, funny and age appropriate. She's never acted like that on any of our other hikes either. She loves hiking, fooling around with her two older brothers. So she very def had to have seen something. Maybe.

Then I read a website in my research of children and them seeing ghosts. Turns out they have better eyesight than adults do? I mean according to the site anyways. I'm still researching it a bit more. Especially the part about the digital camera seeing better than humans can. I have a photo that I shot in Moore State Park, I've blogged about it before. It's a very freaky photo, at least on flickr when you look at it with the highest resolution. You can "see" faces in the old timey glass windows. Like they are embedded in the glass there. Some you see from further away, some when the photo is at the highest res. I've counted about 20 of them, but every time I look at it there are more or less sometimes. I never noticed a thing when snapping that photo. In fact that same photographer I follow on instagram took a shot of some high schoolers, cheerleaders right by that stone mill and my first thought was, huh? Who would think that place a good place for an upbeat, happy photo? My hubby tried to capture some pictures in that same exact spot earlier in the spring. He was trying to get some photos of the rhododendruns that have overrun that park. He got some with the waterfall and flowers to the side and behind it. He walked all over that area and started to go under the mill house and just felt like no, a really powerful feeling of don't come in here, you're not welcome here and he turned around walked away and snapped in a totally different area.

So that's our big story of "seeing" a ghost. One other odd thing happened up there. I was looking at the wild flowers that grow up there uninhibited in the gardens. I looked at one, hubby remarked liking it. I snapped a quick pic of it, so I could look it up later. I wondered outloud what it might be. In my head my thought was Gooseneck Loosestrife. Turns out I was right or whoever put that thought in my head was anyways. I've never heard of Gooseneck Loosestrife in my entire life. Both times going up there I stayed mostly on the trails and in that lovely garden. I wanted to, but ever wandered to the spot where the mansion used to stand. I stayed clear of that area. I find that interesting. The area that my daughter's mood lightened and she stopped being whiny was exactly that area of where the house used to be. Could the ghost have found his way home? Why did he want to walk with us? Did he use our energy to get where he needed to be? Is this why my back was bothering me? Perhaps, I should knock off watching so much of The Haunted or Ghost Hunters?? But is kinda neat that there could be ghosts walking amongst us out there. I mean it even makes a certain amount of sense, them wanting to be around people. Especially a ghost in this lonely old spot. :/

The Photos in this blogposting were all snapped by me. The very top image is one that I snapped as we were leaving Prospect Park. Look really closely at the top of the image in the trees there, see if you see a face. I didn't notice this, till I sent the image out over Instagram. If you click any of the photos in the post, it should make them larger for you. I have them all over on flickr too. The "odd" happening in Prospect Park was the second time we went there. We've only been to Spider Gates once. Perhaps, a second trip is needed. --Heather :)
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