Tuesday, September 15, 2015

All About The People!

This post is showcase some of my recent photography with people! I do a lot of art, still lifes, macro, flower shots. But I also do a lot of photography of people. I'm a one-stop-shop for all your photography needs! I do it all. I have an excellent camera. My favorite go to camera is my Fujifilm XE-2. I also have a Nikon and we are buying a new Canon very soon too. I feel the more cameras you master, you can have different perspectives on every photography situation. You'll expand your brain and never miss an important shot!

Above my sons, very hard to pin down to get snapshots of them. Taken with our Nikon.

Above Fiona our three year old. Hamming it up at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. With the Nikon again.

Above Fiona six months old photo. Taken with my old Kodak camera.

Fiona at Prospect Park, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Fuji XE-2.

Reid Family Waiting for baby photos. With the Fuji XE-2. I have a bunch more of the Reid family to edit & blog. Look for them in a upcoming post.

Baby Fiona taken with my Kodak camera.

Thank you for looking, I love all kinds of photography!
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