Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Getting ready for Halloween over here, and in doing so. I've been doing some digging. Um, in my flickr account. For my creepier photos that is. ;) :) :)

It's that time of year.. Haunting, Spooky stuff, Cute little Goths running amok!

That's my son (above) as a Dia De Los Muertos Skull. We saw it at Whole Foods in Framingham and had to try it on. It's from a new candy company from Boston called Unreal.

Awesome collection of Jack-o-lanterns in Old Sturbridge Village a couple years ago. The following year we drove over & they canceled it due to a freak blizzard. "But we made it and didn't have an accident!!" Oh well, there's always this year coming up!

My son played with my editing program recently and created this photo of his little sister. She's hardly a monster. Unless she doesn't get her way. ;)

This building is in Westborough, not far from my hometown. It was a Boy's School and is Haunted. Hubby saw something weird here once when working there. A boy looking at him out a window, then the second he looked at it more clearly, the window & the boy were gone.

This time of year I like to round up the crayon chunks & melt them into something fun. Seriously this Holiday is a fav!

The finished pumpkin crayons.

This is an old Cemetary in Sturbridge, MA. It's right near the oldest section of town, The Publick House and the Library.

One of my favorite Legos! The Monster Fighters Mansion #10228.

Inside the Monster Fighters Mansion.

This is the lovely stained glass inside the Sagendorph Family Mausoleum in Spencer, MA. The same cemetary that Maria Prouty is buried in. Maria Prouty was probably? murdered by her husband, and it was ruled a suicide due to unethical folks in charge back then.

Here is Maria Prouty's stone. Things I've read make me believe she was indeed murdered by her husband. But the book I read is listed as "fiction" maybe in order to get it published?, but I have yet to read the official documents or the book put together that is based upon them. That's one of my goals.

As always with any of my art, it is for sale. You can contact me at my gmail account for a price list. is where to get me. 8x10s generally go for $25 shipped anywhere in the continental USA. I will do a deal for anyone interested in four or more though. They can be signed or unsigned. Watermarked or unwatermarked. However you like them. I can frame them as well. If you can think it up, there is a website I can contract out to get them printed onto anything. Totes, Canvases, Metal, Sweatshirts, even stickers or business cards for your personal use. Anything you can think up! I also let a limited amount of my art out for "rental", so to speak. For folks wanting the rights of the image to use digitally. Like a museum or store wanting the images so they can sell them and make a profit. I'm also willing to work with magazines, I also do graphics and editing onto your images, as well as photo shoots for models & events. Other artists are also welcome to contact me to do trades, as I in addition to creating art, I love to collect it as well.

Thanks for checking my art out! <3 Heather :)
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