Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sagendorph Family Mausoleum

This is the Sagendorph Family Mausoleum. It is located in Pine Grove Cemetary, Spencer, MA. I have tried to capture it in all seasons. Winter, Fall, Summer. I'm missing Spring. Hopefully next Spring I will finish the project. I'm serious about my art, even if I was the only one viewing it. Sagendorph is no exception. This cemetary is one of my favorites. Such a lovely, quiet place. Cemetaries aren't spooky or haunted at all. You'd probably think reading my blog that Spider Gates or Friends Cemetary in Leicester, MA. would be a favorite, but it was very much a let down to me. Soooooo much more interesting here in Spencer, MA. A favorite "spooky" spot is in Shrewsbury, MA. at Prospect Park.

Winter peeking inside the Mausoleum.

Winter at night. This is titled; Goodnight, Sagendorph.

This is behind Sagendorph. Funnily enough I was worried about the snow melting too soon, once I could finally get into the cemetary. They do not plow it out in the winter. So I was watching and checking it out often to be the first in there to catch it still with snow, but walkable. Well I was much too soon and got stuck in a snowbank. Luckily enough I had brought a shovel. IMAGINE if I had had to call the PD for a rescue??!! HAH. Now that would have been hilarious! "What are you doing with a shovel in a cemetary, Heather?" Oh um, I brought it just in case I needed to dig myself out, since the snow was still high. YEAH I can imagine they wouldn't have giggled at that one. Oh well, good thing I did have the shovel and got out without assistance. ;)

I suppose this is technically Spring, but I want at least one other image of it, with new green leaves on the trees near it, perhaps.

Sagendorph in Summer

This one might be my favorite. I do love the autumnal colors.

Another viewpoint of Autumn. Interestingly The Sagendorph Family are the only ones in this cemetary with a mausoleum built for their internment. I'm looking for their home here in Spencer, MA. too. I think I have found it. If I am correct, it is also very grand and lovingly decorated.

As always with any of my art, it is for sale. You can contact me at my gmail account for a price list. Hskoconnor@gmail.com is where to get me. 8x10s generally go for $25 shipped anywhere in the continental USA. I will do a deal for anyone interested in four or more though. They can be signed or unsigned. Watermarked or unwatermarked. However you like them. I can frame them as well. If you can think it up, there is a website I can contract out to get them printed onto anything. Totes, Canvases, Metal, Sweatshirts, even stickers or business cards for your personal use. Anything you can think up! I also let a limited amount of my art out for "rental", so to speak. For folks wanting the rights of the image to use digitally. Like a museum or store wanting the images so they can sell them and make a profit. I'm also willing to work with magazines, I also do graphics and editing onto your images, as well as photo shoots for models & events. Other artists are also welcome to contact me to do trades, as I in addition to creating art, I love to collect it as well.

Thanks for looking! <3 Heather :)
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