Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Some of my images from Tower Hill Botanic Garden in West Boyston, MA. We got a membership here, so I can take photos of people for many occasions there.

The Glass Conservatory is a wonderful place both in the hot summers and in the cold winters. I love it here. When winter depression hits, this is an amazing place to take the edge off.

Cupid in the Garden being cheeky. ;)

Mount Wachusetts in the backround. You can see it perfectly from a lookout on the hiking trail here.

A snapshot on the way out in the driveway of some weeds at sunset.

An Urn filled with purple flowers in the courtyard.

Tower Hill is a wonderful place for a photo session in any season. I know many other wonderful places too. Parks, State Parks, Abandoned Gardens, Old Crumbling Buildings. It all depends on the mood you're looking for.

A lovely Meyer Lemon tree full of fruit! These are the trees that inspired me to collect citrus trees. Below a tree of Bromieliads.

We've also been makng use of the place for our hiking & picnic excursions. It's an excellent place for this too. Since we home educate all our children it's been a great place for family fun & enjoyment. The children have had many learning opportunities here too.

Thanks for looking, <3 Heather :)
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