Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Twitter How To

I've been thinking about this recently. How to use twitter effectively and gain new followers. I have 5000 followers, so maybe I'm qualified to help you out. Maybe not. I mean if I was Pink or someone famous I'd def have far more. But I think I'm doing alright. What I have learned over my years of following, unfollowing, retweeting and so forth is to post a variety of topics. Politics, veganism, etsy listings, photos of the here & now, and more polished photos. I do put some of my instagram pics through there & some from picmonkey, I talk to folks there. I put up quotes. I post random thoughts. I post my blog postings. I follow folks who follow me. I think following everyone back is a large key for effective use of twitter. I use crowdfire to unfollow folks who unfollow me. I find folks who are like minded and follow them. When posting I make sure the link has a pic to go with it or the attached site, if it doesn't work, I take it down. I check my links once posted to make sure they work, if not down it comes. Basically I'm there for twitter. I make sure to take it seriously and follow through. If you want to use autoposting from facebook or elsewhere make sure it's working. Sometimes I see posts there & they have no words to explain what the post is about or no picture attached. Nothing to make them interesting to get me to click through, so I don't.

Above Mt Monadnock on the Dublin NH side.

Above Mount Wachusett from Tower Hill Botanical Garden.

Above Mt. Monadnock while I was standing, shooting it from Mount Wachusetts. Brrrrrr it's cold up here!

The trick I think is to put out there some interestingness. A reason for folks to click through & follow the link. Like a photo attached, just words can be very boring. Folks don't see any reason to read or click through without a interesting link or photo that they can click through & see larger. Above all it should be fun. Ranty, mad, angry---go get a diary. Keep it light & fun & *interesting*! Also don't forget the almighty #Hashtag! Thanks for reading. Questions? Pop them in the comments. More tips? I'd love to hear them too! --Heather :)
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