Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Website Up!

I have FINALLY made a website for my photography business! FINALLY! I'm still tweaking the layout somewhat and the template. Trying out some different ones here & there to find the best one that works really well for me. I paid for one, and it was smashing, but when you loaded up the invidual posts it was driving me batty! It loaded up the photos for the posting all in the same area and then switched the photos every 3-5 seconds. First issue with that was way too fast. Second was it was loading the photo right directly in the middle of the image, so you couldn't see people's heads!!! Can't have that nonsense, so I removed it today & found lo and behold a free one that looks pretty close to it, but loads the photos up the right way, so you can see the whole image. Soooo much better! Anyways, this is just to notify folks following this blog here, that this will be my crafting-arty-artsy fun blog. I might even get crazy & do some sewing now & then or embroidering and post a blog about it. My Photography Business page will be at

Thanks for stopping by! <3 Heather :)

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