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I'm a thirty something mother of two energetic and very active boys. The 3 Am Art name comes from the wakeful nights, I had during my pregnancies with both of them. Often times, I'd notice it was 3 Am, when I'd FINALLY get something arty accomplished and the name just stuck. I've had lots of little incorporations of the banner and avatar. Finally I found something I liked. With the help of knittykrissy.etsy.com we came up with a cute little owl.


I am a Photographer and I dabble in digital art, as well as polymer clay and many other mediums. If it's out there I've tried it at least once. I also am a writer, so some blog posting might be longer than the others. Sometimes I write fiction, sometimes I write the truth. Sometimes I just write crap, complete, boring crap. It depends on my mood and the day.

Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate it & love to hear from my readers!
--Heather :)

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